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Saturday, 9 December 2017

DiorSkin Forever UnderCover Concealer ¦ REVIEW

Why am I obsessed with concealers? Is it because their in a slim device, easy to travel with and makes you instantly look and feel better without the help of a foundation?


The latest badboy I have seem to acquired is the 'DiorSkin Forever UnderCover Concealer', which follows the classic Dior Skin Forever Foundation which was a favourite of mine for a while last year.

I believe this concealer was launched in the middle of this year some time so I am quite late on the bandwagon but I completely believe the hype!

It is quite ridiculous how amazing this concealer is, it's full coverage, dries quickly, leave a matte finish and doesn't crease until 10+ hours! What a joke! I've tried this pretty much every day since I've had this in my possesion and I've become a mad woman telling anyone wiling to listen how good it is.

But, like all things, there some cons as there are pros, i.e. since it is quite a matte, full coverage consistency, you have to work fast. If I am going out and I want an extra flawless under eye, I'll use a beauty blender but pounce under my eyes in a rapid manner haha, and quickly set. But for day to day, using a brush to blend or your fingers is a lot quicker and works better for when you want to use a smaller amount but don't want to faff wetting your beauty blender and sit there bouncing the blender all over your face.

I use the shade '031' under my eyes which is around 2 shades lighter than my skin tone and very yellow but a small amount brightens my face and makes my face instantly look drab to fab! I also use the shade '040' on my blemishes which don't want to piss off these days but a small amount lasts until I remove my make up and doesn't dissapear at all! This shade is slightly darker than my skin tone but works when I wear foundation but not without #sadtimes.

Nonetheless, if your in the market for a bomb ass concealer, get this!


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