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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Turning 25¦ December so far¦ Winter Wonderland¦ Bicester Village ¦ Blenheim Palace

Turning a quarter of a century has been an eye awakening experience. It troubled me a few months ago upon realisation that I would actually be turning 25 years old and I hadn't achieved my career or life goals yet.

But 2017 has been a year of personal growth, I've grown more confident within myself, I know what I want and do not want when it comes to relationships, what I will not stand for at work, the importance of speaking up and learning to say no as well as not speaking at all. I'm no longer interested in playing games, fighting for attention or focusing on things which don't matter in the 'real world'.

I've wasted so much time (and still do at times) downplaying my strengths or successes or my individuality due to fear of coming across boastful or a know-it-all. I've also wasted so much time critiquing ones self through comparing myself against every other Instagram famous girl now realising it's all bloody fake haha!

2017 has been a year of acknowledging my worth and owning it and not letting anyone get me down. We are the makers of our own happiness and destiny and I'm excited to see what 2018 brings for me.

Nevertheless, December so far has been quite entertaining! I love December as not only is it my birthday come the 1st of December but it is my birthday month as I tell everyone, a day is too short to celebrate!

I trotted down to London for Winter Wonderland with the sisters as a pre birthday event and as usual, I had the best laughs ever with them, we went to Covent Garden, shopped on Oxford St, ate on Carnaby street and had the funnest time in Hyde park at Winter Wonderland. We also visited the circus at Winter Wonderland and it was so cool and I have a new found respect for those performing in Circuses.

Fast forward a week and it was my birthday and I worked a whole 7 days to get 3 days off together so I was already shattered and to make matters even worse, I got the worst cold I've ever experienced! I had a terrible runny nose, sore throat, doggy cough and aches all over my shoulders and I had a day planned at Bicester Village and Blenheim Palace.

Bicester Village was a lovely day out where we window shopped all day oggling at the shoes and bags and Blenheim Palace which is Winston Churchill's ancestry house was nothing short of beautiful. The Christmas lights were  stunningly displayed throughout the trail with exquisite music to match. It was so beautiful at night I can only imagine what it would look during the day. I would highly recommend it to families or even couples as it does brings you closer together on a bitterly cold winter evening.

What have you been up to so far?

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