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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

"Let's paint the town RED" ¦ Current red lipsticks

Red is such a powerful colour. Not only does it make a statement but it instantly boosts the complexion or outfit one decides to wear. 

Red is a shade that I am definitely attracted to, I have a few red garments I like to wear when the mood strikes but I fail in wearing a red lipstick, in fact, the only time I wore a red lip last year was on my birthday! 

Now, that is something I would like to change. Why are we so afraid of donning a brighter lip shade? Is it the looks you feel you receive when doing so, or is it were afraid of appearing confident? Either way, since its 2018 and enough is enough, it's about time I made that change! I am encouraging myself whenever there is an evening function to wear a red lip, starting this Thursday. (baby steps first guys lol!)

Anyway, enough of my own life story, I thought I'd share a few red lipsticks I possess and which ones I would advise for and against. I have also taken quite a pathetic image of my lipstick swatches, I will improve haha! The first shade is Mac, "Ruby Woo", my first ever red lipstick and a cult classic. A matte finish which I would highly recommend when it comes to bold shades as there is less worry of whether or not it's smeared etc. It is of a blue undertone so allows for the teeth to appear whiter and a nice red lipstick to start with.

Secondly, is Tom Ford "Flame", (pictured below), a stunning orange red that has a matte finish and one of my favourite lipsticks (admittedly never worn). I'm saving this and telling myself I MUST wear this on my next holiday as it has sadly sat in my drawer for over a year!  

Thirdly, is the Givenchy lip liner in '5'. A bright red that is creamy and great to pair with all of the above, and its waterproof!

Next is one which blows them all out of the water, the Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in 'Uncensored', is a liquid lipstick that is so opaque yet so thin in consistency and such a true red that as soon as I applied it, I didn't want to take it off! A must purchase and it's housed in such luxe packaging!

Lastly, is the Dior Rouge Liquid in '999 Matte', this is definitely slightly pinkier than the Fenty lipstick and a lot mouse-ier in texture. It's also not as opaque and requires a few coats so I wouldn't necessarily recommend this one and instead advise the former lipstick.

Tom Ford 'Flame'

What's your favourite red lipstick? 


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