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Monday, 26 March 2018

Muslim Online Dating | THE TRUTH

It seems if your a 20 something  Muslim woman living anywhere in the world, the hot topic that seems to need to be addressed is, "Are you married?" or "Are you with anyone?". If your response is a "No.", to any of these questions then queue the onslaught of ideas from everyone just needing to air their opinion.

I am a 25 year old woman seeking a like minded companion, somebody who is a good person, ambitious and a man of faith. Whether I want this now or maybe in a few years, I don't know, but one thing I do know is, I will never settle for anything less than I deserve. I would rather be single, independent and happy than unhappy and with the wrong man.

A year ago, I decided along with constant nagging of friends was to join 'Muzmatch' and 'Minder', which are both online Muslim dating sites on the pursuit to find a potential spouse.

Throughout the whole of 2017, I was pretty much on both these apps. I am no longer on these apps and I'll divulge into that later in this post. But primarily, I'll discuss the different men on such apps.

In my experience, 'Muzmatch', appeared to be slightly more professional and user friendly. On this app, you'll fill out a bio about yourself and upload images if you want or you can opt for your photos to be discoverable once you've matched with someone. You basically, are swiping right if your attracted and left if your not. essentially, quite shallow, but such is life.

I preferred this app because men were slightly more serious and not as sex crazed as Minder. But in saying that there were a few idiots trying their luck. Minder, I mean, the name says it all, a Muslim Tinder, is exactly that. I remember waking up to disgusting messages and thinking, 'Wow, these men are actually mad!, how do people find legitimate matches on these sites?". But all is not lost, because they do actually work, I have friends who are now in talks with both parties parents ready for marriage.

What's more, I found on both these apps men were also adamant to find out whether you were a virgin which is a whole new topic in itself or simply couldn't be bothered to reply. I'm sure from the perspective of a man, the women are just as mad and sex crazed!

The reason why I stopped using these apps was because I was falling into a vicious cycle of talking to these men, asking and responding to the same questions, exchanging numbers and then it fizzling out and I just needed a break. I stopped last October and I feel so much relief from not being on these apps and its less awkward bumping into your matches!

Also girls, phone buddies doesn't mean your in a relationship and my advice would be to meet as early as you can so you can decipher whether there is an attraction. We create personas of ourselves on our phones and its easy to romanticise things via text messages. If its been a month and there hasn't been a conversation of meeting, just un match, life's too short to entertain that B.S. Also, the minute your feeling desperate for attention, get yourself out of that conversation/chat. You'll end up being privy to their ego and forget yourself.

Also, a lot of people shun such sites but pretty much the whole world INCLUDING MUSLIMS use online dating sites, There's a taboo for everything these days, definitely try it out if your looking to find somebody, the minute they attempt questionable conversation, shut that shit down and move on.

Also, let's pray my parents don't read this!!

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