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Friday, 23 March 2018

We're Ditching Powder | Dry Skin Friendly, Dewy Skin

I am in my second month of using Roaccutane and my skin has never looked better, my pores have shrunk considerably, I no longer have wet looking skin because it is no longer oily and I can get away with just concealer, HURRAH! (check my Instagram-Sakinahsayss stories for picture updates)

But I do now have tight, dry skin which requires maintenance if not every day or every other day. I have a post coming soon of, 'Roaccutane Friendly Sensitive Skin Saviours', and it is because of these products as well as trial and error that I am able to wear make up and it not look dry or a hot mess!

I remember always saying, 'I wish I had dry skin', just so I could avoid having to powder my skin constantly. Not only would I "bake", my skin every morning, but I even started to SET MY PRIMER BEFORE FOUNDATION just to halt the oil process! So, to now ditch powder all together is a very different experience for me!

My skin looks so much healthier, dewy and my make up doesn't fall apart as I anticipated. What's more, up until last week I was still powdering my under eyes with my fave RCMA powder just where my creasing usually appears and I looked like a 94 year old woman! So I have ditched powder all together and don't get me wrong, I do get creasing under the eyes, but who doesn't have creasing under their eyes unless your 15 years old!?

If you are on Roaccutane and you want to wear make up but are looking like a dry crusty bitch, just ditch all powders, opt for a cream bronzer/blusher/highlighter combo and trust me you'll be looking amazing! And you don't even need to carry a powder to blot at all which is a revelation in itself!

Have you tried not powdering your foundation?

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