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Monday, 21 May 2018

How To Stay Motivated During Ramadan?

As simple as reminding oneself that this month is the most blessed month out of all months! Each good deed, every time one practices their patience, bites their tongue and halts performing any prohibited action is rewarded abundantly!

Practise makes perfect and write down what you want to achieve this Ramadan. Is it completing the Quran? Learning more about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s life? Joining a Charity? Or practising maintaining a sound heart and focusing on trusting Allah swt's plan?

Reminding yourself constantly, morning, afternoon and night that this month is purely for believers to actually do what we were sent here to do should give you that wake up call. To perhaps, not sleep all day and wake up for Iftar or possibly spend longer performing Salah and focus on actually praying and submitting yourself to Allah.

What's more, reminding yourself of all the bounties Allah has blessed us with! Food, a roof over our heads, access to schools and even being able to walk out of your house and not be blown to smithereens such as the occurences in Gaza and other countries.

Even more, is realising Allah chose us to be able to be part of this Ramadan 2018. Allah has given us all the chance to rectify our mistakes and be the best Muslims we can be or atleast try to be. These are all the points I try to remind myself whenever I feel myself unmotivated during this blessed month and inshallah for all the months thereafter.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share?

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